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silvennia wrote:Heys akiko, just to update you that I have already received the parcel today ^^ Thanks!

Prompt seller, fast delivery. Me like :D

Juin Kadsuki wrote:Hello there.

Am back for feedback for you.

I am very happy and satisfied with your service!
The shoes turn out great! Top quality. Attached is the picture of me wearing it.
But the 脚板 problem really do contribute some difficulties in me wearing it. It turned out to be just right, hence wearing with a socks might be a problem for me. Anyway, I hope it is something I can deal with. 8D
Yeah, Thanks a lot! <3<3

Heaeth wrote:akiko~ got the parcel~~ u're such a helpful seller and... erm... positive feedback for you! Thanks a lot~

Quistreous wrote:Package arrived safe and sound! Love the double wrapping which made the package more secure! The quality of the product I got is top notch! Loving Bodyline products so much! Special thanks to Akiko for being so helpful and for the excellent service! Also credits to Silvennia for letting me know the measurements for the exact same dress she bought! Arigatou! Will definitely recommend you to my friends! :)

Happy_Fellow wrote:I am nyappy . The way its packed is good and the items are in good condition~
Thank you very much , I will buy from you again next time :3

kalolia wrote:akiko-chan~Thank u so much~^ ^
finally hav received it on my birthday ~
what a great present for me~
it's so nice~
positive feedback to akiko-chan~~(*firework~)

Angel wrote:I have received the dress^^Thank you so much!!!! You have helped me A LOT ^^

Lysa wrote:Hello Akiko!

I'm not sure if you've gotten my sms yesterday. Anyway, just wanna inform you that I've gotten my loli clothes on Saturday morning. Everything is nicely wrapped and in great condition! I didn't expect it to arrive so soon too! Am really happy about it. Thanks for everything ya... and I'm sorry again about the payment slip issue.


phanatix wrote:Received mine. Btw, bellbearangel asked me to inform you she received hers as well since she cannot online.

yurei-chan wrote:I received the package earlier today. Thank you for being so helpful and for updating us often! I like that you double wrapped the package, everything is in good condition ^^

And I'm sorry for having you store the item from Bodyline at your place for so long ><

Heaeth wrote:Hi dear, got my stuffs few days ago =3 (it's bigger though) Thank you very much! XD

Quistreous wrote:Dear,

My friend has received the item this morning.

Thanks so much for the lovely items!

I am looking forward to dealing with you again! You give the best service ever!

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Love always,

tiniemiyagi wrote:hai dear...
received my yukata today...
unfortunately it's size M...too small for me de :cry:
guess to sell it off la.. :(

Happy_Fellow wrote:item recieved~
uhh... just wondering, last time when I order bodyline's shoes (from u), It did came with a box, so....why it didn't it come in a box this time?

sky_pegasus wrote:i got my hat n jacket. luv it luuuuuuv it!! <3 so worth eating all those cup noodles to get it LOL thank u very much akikoooo <3<3<3 hope to order again when u reopen.

neko-alice wrote:hello, akiko-san.
feedback for you.
i got my stuff today and they're all perfect, fast too. ^v^
thank you very much.
gonna order from you again.

chiaki89 wrote:i received your parcel! my god so fast! i tot will arrive me end of July LOL!

thank you very much~ will order more from you in future XD


AmaneSakura wrote:Feedback for aki~

Very very fast service O_O
and in a very good condition!
Thank you very much, and will order from you in future ;3

azu wrote:I got my items on monday! Good service and nicely packed so the goods are in perfect condition! Thanks for your patience! >_<ll Will keep ordering from you in the future definitely!

neko-alice wrote:akiko-san, the parcel arrived yesterday. thank you very much.
it's perfect as usual. ^w^

Mayotan wrote:Hi Akiko! Just to inform you, came home in time to receive my parcel (after a short drama of missing it and chasing after the Poslaju van down the road - didn't know eparcel delivered by poslaju!) and have them here safe and sound. *huugs the items!* Did the shoes originally come with shoe box? For me to keep in mind for the next round of purchase ^.^

Which, I will be sending another order shortly XD Love your service!

bellbearangel wrote:Akiko~ i received the stuffs ady. Thank you so much for ur patience and sorry for the troubles i caused u.^^

CLOUDee wrote:Hi akiko. Cloudee here. (:
Just received the parcel a while ago. The top came in perfect condition. So did the cash (balance). Love it so much! Good service too! Will definitely come back for more. (:
Thank you! <3 

Quistreous wrote:As usual, my dear Akiko has the best service ever! Super quick delivery! Imagine ordering a pair of shoes and in just a few days time, the pair of shoes is safely at your doorstep! Definitely a recommended seller! :) 

Silent-mercenary wrote:hi, just wanna inform u that i received my bodyline parcel today, it came in good condition and it fits perfectly, very happy with it THX! will order with u in the future :D 

Junnie wrote:Hi there, just received the parcel ^O^ A thumbs up for Akiko for being such an excellent buyer *W* She's friendly towards her buyers & best of all she deals with all her orders in an orderly manner, which is easy for buyers to track down their items <3 No fuss & everything is done quickly (which I as a buyer appreciate a lot <3)
The items came out nicely (especially the JSK *W*) but the blouse's sleeves is too wide for me (Bodyline does not have the sleeve width ;_;) & I might need to resell it (It's a lovely blouse, though) It's not her fault, I should have find more reviews about it XP

Conclusion: definitely will come back for her service next time~! >W<

Ooi wrote:The clothes are lovely, but somehow the skirt seems so small and the dress also abit..Omg need lose weight to fit in ..

Overall a great seller.!!! :lol: 

azu wrote:Akiko >> received the parcel about a week ago.. Haven't have time to give you feedback,

Since this is not the first time I order from her (Akiko, of course), I have to say that I am impress at the way she handle the orders. The whole process is fast and neat and the discount for repeat customer is awesome! Of course, this won't be the last time for me to use her service. =)

KumikoC wrote:^^ thank you SOO SOO much Akiko!! the parcel arrived this afternoon~!! =D just in time for CNY!! will definitely order from you again yeah~! O.~*